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Our Team

Shavit Clein

Experienced commercial, strategy and operations executive in high growth start ups. Experience in distribution of medical devices. Helped grow a startup from 0 to over $1B

Patthara Kongsuphol (PhD)
CTO, Co-Founder, Co-Inventor

Biomedical device development. Expert in the field of DNA and protein biosensors on different sensing materials (e.g. paper, conductive materials, polymer, etc.) as well as protein engineering

Huan Jia (PhD)
Lead Scientist, Co-founder Co-Inventor

Protein engineer. Experienced in structural protein and protein engineering fields for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Irvine Ong (PhD)
Lead Scientist

Assay design and paper-based microfluidic. Overseeing of Reader Development

Saravanan Vivekanandan
Lead Scientist

Protein engineer, production and validation. Assay development and validation. Reagent production

Ben Boedeker, (DVM, MD, PhD)
Director of Military Medicine

Previously Vice Chair for Anesthesia Research at the University of Nebraska School of Medicine holding the rank of full professor and staff anesthesiologist at the Omaha VA Medical Center. He served as a military research physician, where he retired after 30 years of service with the rank of Colonel.

Peter Preiser (Prof)
Chairman, Co-founder

Chair of the School of Biological Sciences and professor of molecular genetics and cell biology at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Specialises in the study of the malaria parasite and is head of the team that has discovered a route to a possible vaccine for the disease.

Megan McBee (PhD)
Co-founder, Immunology

Scientific Director of Antimicrobial Resistance IRG at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology Centre Former biotech startup director

Hadley Sikes (Prof)
Co-founder, Lead-Inventor

Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT biomolecular engineering, applications of redox chemistry, clinical diagnostics, molecular biotechnology

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